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Let us throw our hands up for not only the queen of Japanese pop but also the #1 sexiest/prettiest milf and my #1 lady love, Namie Amuro.

I think you’re forgetting one other title… “Queen of fucking everything”

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yurimouto replied to your post: anonymous asked:wait wait. himegy…

wouldn’t this be Roma Gyaru?

Roma Gyaru-Romantic Gal = Gal that wears frilly, cute clothes etc. 
source: (2008)

Vague description except for the frilly part. 

Something interesting to note is the princess melody items I posted yesterday, were described as Roma under their product link. ie.
ロマプリワンピ ホワイト (Roma White Dress) for this look - 
imageThere are other outfits labelled ribbon lace, and hime dress, but a few labelled with the roma description. Which leads me to see roma as less of a definitive style, more of a feel to a look. In other words, I agree with whatisgyaru’s take on roma -
Roma is just a style not a type of gal. Some roma stuff can be himekaji. 

I would also add to that some can apparently be hime as well. Basically, roma is ascribed to any look that gives off a romantic feel…which basically all himekaji and some hime clothes do give off. It’s a description  term for a style the way I see it, personally. Like in the way one might say oh look at that ‘dark’ princess outfit, I can say, look at that ‘romantic’ princess outfit . That’s just how I view it. It mostly all falls under himekaji to me depending on styling, I can see how it can also fall under hime as well. 

So, in short, yes and no. xD It’s still himekaji.

 ViVi April 2014

 ViVi April 2014

 ViVi April 2014